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What are you seeking?

Maybe you are starting a business... or kicking yours into high gear...

Maybe you are ready to fall in love... with yourself, another or both...

Or maybe you just feel stuck... the next day feels like the last and your big ambitions have been buried beneath a pile of to-do lists, errands and exhaustion...

Whatever your reason for considering coaching, consider this: The life of your dreams is yours to create.

Ali Rodway Coaching is about POWER, DIRECTION and TRACTION.

Together we generate the POWER to actually define the life you want to live. Whether you are seeking more satisfaction in your relationships, an upgrade in your physical well-being, a transition in your job, or unearthing your long forgotten (or yet-to-be found) passions, we bring to the surface your most powerful desires and get you moving towards them.

Once we define the life you want to live, we work together to establish the DIRECTION to take to get there. This is where your Game Plan comes in. In very practical, honest methods, we sit down and create your path to what you really want out of life.

What makes a coaching relationship so unique is my responsibility to hold you accountable for actually getting what you want. I see my clients as powerful 18-wheelers - massive in capacity for progress, but stuck, with their wheels spinning (or going in different directions), and without the TRACTION to hit the ground running. I represent that traction... I am where the rubber meets the road.

The possibility in a coaching relationship is unparalleled and awe-inspiring. I invite you to explore my website and ask yourself: "What 's My Game Plan?"